• Era

I feel like 2013 is ushering a new era for industrial music, or at least some sort of fresh industrial awareness. Yeezus, the Godflesh tour, Author & Punisher opening up for Phil Anselmo’s solo project, Nine Inch Nails at Lollaplaooza—it just seems to have jumped back on to everyone’s radar recently. Another act to add to the list are local favorites Disappears. A couple of days ago Kranky Records released the song “Ultra” from the band’s upcoming LP, Era, and it’s got a surprising industrial flair to it. The song runs on a sort of fractured, robotic antibeat that seems like it’s going to pick up over and over but never really does. The bridge of “Ultra,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, comprises pulsing, mechanical-sounding sweeps and swells, with dark synths swooping in at the end. Disappears have always infused their songs with spooky and creepy vibes, but “Ultra” is way weirder, heavier, and bleaker than anything they’ve done before.