A buddy who’s pretty in tune with my musical tastes recently tossed me the new Dope Body track, “Lazy Slave,” with the subtle note, “YOU WILL LOVE THIS!” Being predictable isn’t always so bad, I guess.

Today’s 12 O’Clock Track comes from the Charm City quartet’s forthcoming Drag City debut, Natural History, and it’s reminiscent of mid-90s Rollins Band—fractured, grunge heavy, and possessed. Front man Andrew Laumann tears through the guitar noise and pummeling drums with strangled yips and bloody-hell shouting that together sound like something you’d hear coming from the inpatient wing of a shock-therapy facility. These dudes have a sludgy punk nastiness that’s very much like Pissed Jeans—complete with a singer writhing on the ground in a pool of his own sweat and scuzz—but they’re fresh and dirty-rotten in their own demented way. When I saw Dope Body open for Liturgy this past summer, I had a brain-burn moment where I knew the band would reenter my life in the best way. I can’t wait for the album.