Usually when I tell my grown-ass friends about some band with a big Tumblr presence and some stupid made-up genre name that they gave themselves, I get a look that communicates both that they’re concerned about the amount of time I spend on the Internet and that there is zero chance they’re going to listen to it. Which is why I’ve just stopped telling them about this kind of thing.

But anyone who lived through the prime years of alternative-rock radio will probably be able to enjoy DSTVV’s “Molly Soda,” even if the band maintains a Tumblog loaded with animated .gifs and refers to its music as “industrial grungegaze.” The song has all the fuzz, sugar, and choppy guitar riffage that defined so many “second hour of 120 Minutes” cult hits from the early to mid-90s, and the lyrics—about Chicago-based Tumblr style icon Molly Soda—remind me of the subcultural-celebrity-crush songs that were big in the indie world at the time. (Yes, “I Wish I Was Him” was originally a Noise Addict track, but the Kathleen Hannah version beats it hands down.)

You can stream the entirety of DSTVV’s new Molly Soda EP at their SoundCloud page, purchase it through their Bandcamp page, or order the cassette version from another Chicago-based Tumblr style icon, Zain “Teen Witch” Curtis. The song “Molly Soda” is streaming after the jump.