• Ward Robinson
  • Dub Thompson

At the heart of Dub Thompson—the Agoura Hills-based jam/slacker indie-rock band—are Matt Pulos and Evan Laffer, a pair of friends who met in high school and have been playing together ever since (they’re 19 now, by the by). Throughout that time, they’ve seemingly been digging deeper into the backs of their brains, discovering new genre hybrids. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Dograces,” is a jerky, almost tribal track that maintains a heavy, druggy groove throughout—or at least until the track disintegrates into a noisy wildout, eventually transforming into a dark and bizarre amusement park ditty. Dub Thompson appears to own a melting pot of influences (Kraut, psych, rock ‘n’ roll, etc), and the track exemplifies that as it shapeshifts and mutates with little regard for song structure. The band’s debut, 9 Songs, drops on Dead Oceans on June 10, and the video below was directed by Robert Beatty (Hair Police, Three-Legged Race).