• “Elevator”

The boys in TV Ghost, probably the coolest thing to ever come out of Lafayette, Indiana, have gone through a really interesting sonic shift over the past few years. The band, which was started when most of the members were still in high school, played high-octane, guitar heavy, Cramps-flavored punk rock on their 2009 debut Cold Fish, big on noisy guitar solos and reverb-drenched vocals. As time went on, the band relaxed and spaced out a little bit, which ultimately brings us to today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Elevator,” a preview from their upcoming In the Red release, Disconnect. On “Elevator,” the band lets the airy synth take the lead while the guitars play it mellow and atmospheric. The highlight of the track is lead vocalist Tim Gick’s performance—it’s dramatic and theatrical, coming off both in a near-whisper and a desperate wail. The whole thing is eerie, damaged, and tense, way too dark and beautiful to be coming out of a town like Lafayette.