Actually, no, I’m not done talking about the Enabler album, All Hail the Void, which drops July 17 on Southern Lord—maybe if I could stop listening to it, I would’ve been better prepared to choose a different 12 O’Clock Track for today. I missed the band opening for Ringworm at the Beat Kitchen last week, because I was still in a sleepy lull from a west-coast vacation. But in the end I convinced myself that holding out for the epic Southern Lord tour that’s rolling through the Empty Bottle on July 9—featuring Black Breath, Burning Love, and Enabler—was the right thing to do (unfortunately, Martyrdod is not with the tour for its Chicago date).

“False Profit” is quick and bleak, like you’ve surely come to expect if you’re at all familiar with this Milwaukee band’s fierce blend of hardcore, metal, and punk. Only a minute and a half long, it rages from the get-go, busting out with a possessed one-two punk beat that turns into a blastbeat onslaught once front man Jeff Lohrber starts screaming hate lyrics—the opening 30 seconds sound like a gang of jackhammers plowing through a mine field. The tempo drops at the end for a hardcore chug-chug with the group shout “No one is coming back from the dead!” I’ll always be a sucker for a tough breakdown, but Enabler really seem to think the world is going to shit. No, seriously. Listen.