• Iroiro

When I wrote about the rise of juke and footwork in Japan for this year’s Best of Chicago, I focused in on DJ Fulltono and his Booty Tune label, but those aren’t the only sources for the Chicago-bred sounds being churned out in that country. One of the other Japanese producers I’ve had my eye on is Foodman, whose spin on footwork further mutates a style that’s already fairly strange and alien sounding. Take the opening song from Foodman’s new Iroiro, “Otoufu Yasan,” which is also today’s 12 O’Clock Track. The jarring, stuttering vocal sample that’s usually part of the musical tapestry of a footwork song takes precedence on “Otoufu Yasan,” while its rapid-fire beat is chopped up and muted till it sounds like a series of light taps resembling Morse code. It’s a fairly unusual take on footwork, but then again footwork is fairly unusual. Stream the tune below and check out the rest of Foodman’s new album at Digitalis’s Bandcamp page.