• Helium Head‘s brilliant cover

Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Ben Koller of Converge are responsible for creating some of the heaviest and wildest sounds to come out of the Massachusetts metalcore world. The two have worked together a number of times over the years—Koller sat in on drums for Cave In in 2005 and 2006, while Brodsky played bass on Converge’s 1998 classic When Forever Comes Crashing—and now they have a new project all their own, Mutoid Man, with an LP due out on Magic Bullet Records in late November. A couple cuts have been released from the upcoming record (titled Helium Head) and today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Gnarcissist,” is my favorite of the two. Mutoid Man plays superheavy stoner pop, and these songs are jam-packed with sugary melodies that sit on top of atomic-bomb-heavy guitars and are propelled by Koller’s signature dexterous, over-the-top drum kit pummeling. It’s not as extreme and chaotic as Converge, and it’s not as expansive and thought-out as Cave In, but this duo creates a massive sonic boom that in the end is just a whole lot of smokey fun.

The Cave In/Converge family tree is a big one that also includes projects like Kid Kilowatt and Old Man Gloom, which were some of my absolute favorites growing up. It makes me incredibly happy to know that it’s still growing and creating even more interesting music.