• There’s something to it, I swear

Back in March when Toronto-based Greys played Township I made mention of the band’s June 17 debut album dropping on Carpark Records. Well, look at that, June 17 has come and gone and their album If Anything is currently available for consumption. As is the way these days, there were already enough singles and streams to fill you up, because today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Use Your Delusion” (you get it), was released into the wild in May, with a crush of other teasers following. The song is a straightforward two minutes of posthardcore, high on dissonant, gnarled guitar lines and heavy rhythms focused on riding that ride cymbal. The band has no doubt already garnered its fair share of comparisons to its Toronto brothers in Metz—though there’s more of an early-aughts No Idea sound in Greys than Bleach-era Nirvana—but why would anyone ever think that’s a bad thing? Check out the video of the track below; it’s got that slow-then-fast-mo’ thing going: