• See the World Given to a One Love Entity by Guardian Alien

Liturgy were without a doubt the most polarizing band of 2011. For now, though, let’s leave the debate over whether Liturgy are cool or lame, or whether they’re a true black-metal band or a bunch of trust-fund poseurs, for another day (or never again), and focus on something no one can argue with: that Greg Fox can manhandle a set of drums. When the news got out late last year that he was leaving Liturgy, the first thing I asked myself was, “Who could possibly fill his gigantic shoes?” (Turns out his replacement is a drum machine, which makes for a totally different and slightly awkward vibe.) Fox’s departure allowed him to work full-time on a project he’s had going for a while, Guardian Alien. What was born as a solo effort has grown into a full band, and now they have an LP on the way from Thrill Jockey. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the first five minutes from See the World Given to a One Love Entity, the single 37-minute track that makes up the album.