• Motivational Jumpsuit

In 2012, Dayton’s finest, Guided by Voices, released three full-length albums, an impressive feat even for the megaprolific indie-rock pioneers. Last year was slightly less productive for Mr. Robert Pollard and the gang, with only one album out and a mere two live appearances (the Denver and Chicago Riot Fest dates). Over the course of 2013, it seemed like the band might once again come to an end: drummer Kevin Fennell was booted from the group, and Pollard stated in an interview that he was considering pulling the GBV plug. But 2014 is looking to play out differently, with two GBV records already on deck, the first of which, Motivational Jumpsuit, is slated to come out on 2/18. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Littlest League Possible,” Jumpsuit‘s first single, and a very welcome return for what is quite possibly my favorite band ever. In classic Guided by Voices form, “Littlest League Possible” starts with a perfect and catchy melody, then piles on more hooks throughout its brief duration. In fact, the only bad thing to say about this gem—probably the most “classic”-sounding GBV track in years—is that it’s too damn short.