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  • Satelliti

Three decades after Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock recorded some of their most exploratory electric work in the early 70s, contemporary musicians are still untangling its mysteries. Satelliti—a duo from Bolzano, Italy—are certainly dealing with those keyboard-stoked implications on their recent album Transister (Cuckundoo), transplanting the often abrasive, spaced-out tones into hard-hitting rhythms abstracted from techno. Keyboardist Marco Dalle Luche—playing electric piano and an array of synthesizers—and drummer Andrea Polato enticingly combine atmospheric textures, insistent and hypnotizing ostinato bass lines, and winding improvisations with shape-shifting grooves you can nod your head to. Part of the music pushes toward the ether, while the beats keep it earthbound—an excellent blend. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Young Wolf,” one of the album’s most ferocious pieces, and one that provides a nice illustration of Satelliti’s appealing modus operandi.