• Horse Lords

Baltimore’s Horse Lords play some of the most interestingly experimental Krautrock I’ve ever heard. The two lengthy tracks that make up their self-titled LP (it came out in September on Ehse Records) take the pushy, oddball soundscapes of Neu! and Can and beef them up with complicated rhythms, modular synthesizers, and prepared and modified guitars. Location is everything: Krautrock in Chicago falls into the slick, muscular realm of Cave and Disappears, but the boys in Horse Lords are from just outside of D.C., and it shows. These songs are injected with Dischordesque postpunk-inspired disco beats, funky percussion, and dancey bass lines. Most Kraut is trance inducing, but these guys actually make your brain work harder while you listen. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the first song off the Horse Lords LP, “Wildcat Strike.”