• Ryan Lowry
  • I.L Will (right) with the rest of M.I.C and Lil Kemo

M.I.C member I.L Will is one of many folks I spoke with for my new B Side cover story on bopping, the Chicago-bred dance that’s become a phenomenon, and even though I wasn’t able to include a quote from the MC in the piece he provided me with some good perspective on the west side scene. I.L Will also made a hell of a song for folks to bop to called “Repeat,” and it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track. “Repeat” is a great example of the kind of rap tracks that are being made specifically with bopping in mind; the mix of ethereal synths and light clapping make for a highly intoxicating beat while I.L Will’s vocals are subtly layered with crisp autotune and mesh well with the cyborg rapping of his collaborator on the tune, MC-producer LeekeLeek. The video for “Repeat” is as sleek and cool as the song itself; it features I.L Will rapping alongside some key players in the bop scene including his cohorts from M.I.C (Mikey Dollaz and Lil Chris), LeekeLeek, and Lil Kemo and Dlow, who show off their fluid, acrobatic dance moves. Check it out below and if you like what you hear be sure to read this week’s music feature.