• The cover of “Trip II the Moon (Pt. 2)”

For me the highlight of the Pitchfork Music Festival was DJ Spinn’s set on Sunday, in which roughly 30 people were onstage rapping, dancing, embracing, and generally doing everything they could to get the crowd moving. The music was at once futuristic and deeply aware of electronic music’s past, particularly some of the hallmarks of early-to-mid-90s rave music. At certain points the breakbeat-heavy music sounded no different than some jungle and ‘ardkore that I’ve heard, mostly thanks to Simon Reynolds’s mind-melting Generation Ecstasy. If you liked DJ Spinn’s set, I recommend Acen’s “Trip II the Moon,” parts one and two. In 2010 Pitchfork put it at number 139 in its “The Top 200 Tracks of the 90s” list, and with its frenetic drumming and high-pitched samples “Trip II the Moon” is not too far off from what was played at Spinn’s set. A higher-profile track from the early-90s rave scene, it might be your gateway to a whole other period of music you might not have known about.