On August 8 of last year, Trap Them’s Twitter feed announced that the band would be heading back into the studio to begin recording the followup to 2011’s Darker Handcraft. I took the news well. A mix of hardcore, grind, and raw punk, Trap Them fits pretty darn snuggly into my wheelhouse. I’ve checked back regularly for updates—the band doesn’t update their feed with great urgency—and found out today that the album is done and expecting a release early this year on Prosthetic Records. In celebration, I’ve been working through their back catalog, beginning with the band’s first full-length, Sleepwell Deconstructor, and that album’s first track (and today’s 12 O’Clock Track), “Day One: Insomniawesome.”

So here’s to you, “polar vortex,” you asshole: a minute-long barrage of blast-beats, guitar hate, and distorted screaming courtesy of front man Ryan McKenney.

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