Well over a decade in, Iron Lung has stayed true to its cause: writing less-than-one-minute powerviolence thrashers that are as abrasive now as they were back in the early aughts (and manning a label of the same name that’s released such divergences as Total Control’s Henge Beat). The duo’s most recent LP, White Glove Test, is 18 tracks of straight, no-frills fury, featuring scathing vocals and abrasive blast beats that will have the dude who claims he listens to every kind of music shaking his head in disbelief. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Brutal Supremacy,” is broken into three distinct parts with different paces and degrees of pissed off within overlapping subgenres (tough-guy hardcore, thrash punk, etc)—maybe this was to keep each track under two minutes, maybe to write their version of a proper powerviolence opus. Either way, I’m going to cheat and link all three below, not only because that’s how they’re ordered on the album, but also because they work so much better as a single, strangely cohesive idea. Good luck.