I await few albums in 2014 with as much anticipation as I do Todd Terje’s forthcoming, cheekily titled It’s Album Time. Terje’s singles and EPs over the past couple years comprise some of the best electronic music of this unfinished decade, and his mix for the BBC’s Essential Mix series was one of my ten favorite long-playing releases of last year. Yesterday “Delorean Dynamite,” one of the dozen cuts on It’s Album Time, leaked on the wacky ol’ Internet, and the track augurs a celebrated debut LP for the Norwegian producer and DJ. For those unfamiliar with Terje’s music, he espouses many of the trademarks of contemporary nü-disco, but his sense of timing, production skills, and melodic intuition are unmatched in most electronic music. “Delorean Dynamite” has a bit of 80s Giorgio Moroder to it, but with some acid-house style on the staccato synth bass line that courses throughout. According to the track list, “Delorean Dynamite” is sandwiched between the already released “Strandbar” and an as-yet-unreleased song with Bryan Ferry, signaling a flawless dramatic transition between two standout cuts. Listen to it below.