• The cover of Cosmic Slop

Despite its being some of my friends’ favorite Funkadelic album, I’ve never quite gotten into the George Clinton-led band’s 1973 LP Cosmic Slop. Having recently acquired the album on vinyl, I realized that my ambivalence is mostly relegated to side one, which is simpler and more groove-based. Cosmic Slop features a stripped-down version of the band—two guitarists, Bernie Worrell stealing the show on keyboards, and a tight rhythm section consisting of Cordell “Boogie” Mosson on bass and Tyrone Lampkin on drums—and it works much better on the more song-based tracks on side two. My favorite is probably “This Broken Heart,” a cover of the Sonics—not the 60s garage-rock band, but the obscure 50s doo-wop group. For today’s 12 O’Clock Track, here it is, with the romantic surge of doo-wop drenched in a lysergic bath of apocalyptic exhaustion.