• In Yer Mouth by Jack of Heart

I was lucky enough to play Gonerfest in Memphis last week on the same night as the Oblivians, Slug Guts, and Jack of Heart. It was a total honor and a complete blast. Upon arrival at the Hi-Tone, my bandmates and I were whisked to the back room and shown a garbage can filled to the brim with ice and canned beer. The second thing I spotted back there was a scruffy-looking dude changing into a white thong and fishnets. It was kind of like, “Hey, welcome to Memphis, here’s a strange dude’s schlong!”

I spotted this guy a few times as the night went on; he was wandering around in his lingerie, mingling and acting kind of zany but not really talking. I figured he was insane, homeless, or on drugs and didn’t really think much else of it. But when I looked to the stage as French quartet Jack of Heart was setting up, I realized that he was the lead singer. He wasn’t crazy—he was just French!