With all the hubbub surrounding Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, which leaked yesterday to alternately rapturous and nauseated reactions on Twitter, I was going to post Jan Hammer’s “Don’t You Know” because I thought that it replicates some of RAM‘s cheesier elements perfectly. But then I realized that the version of “Don’t You Know” that I’ve been hearing this whole time—recommended to me by a friend—is an alternate, from his 1994 album Drive; they didn’t even know that there was another rendition. That performance is extremely gauche, with weird pan flutes you’d expect to hear at a farmers’ market and smooth-jazz brushed drums. Little did I know that the original release of “Don’t You Know” is from the 1977 album Melodies, and it’s an outstandingly smoky and bluesy jazz-funk track. There’s weird oscillating keyboards bleeding into a sick breakbeat and Fender Rhodes solo, and the vocals, while not strong, hit just the right tone for the song’s on-a-stakeout vibe. Talk about a welcome surprise. Check this fresh crate-digger cut after the jump.