• I Love You

It’s too bad we didn’t cover experimental noise musician Jason Urick—who released his third full-length, I Love You, on Thrill Jockey in January—when he opened for Tortoise and headlined a late-announced show at Public Works Gallery in late April. It happens, though. We’ve got a lot to do.

On Thrill Jockey’s website Urick (formerly of Wzt Hearts) describes the intense and often philosophical process behind the album’s formulation and eventual construction. Here’s a snippet:

I began to use the phrase “I Love You” as a mantra of sorts while working on this material. Running the phrase over and over in my head until the words started to break down and render the phrase foreign again. In these meditations I became more at peace with the music making process and more unsure/unfamiliar with it at the same time. This feeling spilled over into my understanding of myself going from feeling very in tune in body and mind to completely adrift in a large universe, again in very rapid succession until all that remained was a vibration. It feels silly and potentially useless to describe such personal and brief experiences in words, however it is my hope that within the record I am able to communicate these ideas/feeling to sound where it might make more sense.

The looped, eerie layers of sound on I Love You contain indiscernible bits of speech and chanting, as well as disjointed rhythms flowing over an underlying, almost hidden, pulse. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Ageless Isms,” features a strangely tribal, Middle-Eastern base with an unnerving squeal that cuts through the gentle rolling. And the video, by Ashby Lee Collinson, is pretty cool too.