It took a little while for Jeremih’s mixtape Late Nights With Jeremih to start getting the attention that it deserved, but in the half year since its release it’s earned itself a respectable fan base, especially among taste-making DJs and producers like LA avant-hip-hop producer Shlohmo, whose remix of Late Nights‘ “Fuck U All the Time” has become nearly as cult-popular as the original. Cleverly, the multimedia online magazine Yours Truly paired the two up for their “Songs From Scratch” video series, where musicians are chosen to create a song from the ground up in front of YT’s cameras. The result of their collaboration isn’t too far from Shlohmo’s take on “Fuck U All the Time,” with a syrupy psychedelic instrumental track that Jeremih zaps with a typically agile vocal melody. And it’s enough to make you want them to stay teamed up for an entire album.

Check out the song and the making-of video after the jump.