There are a lot of New York rappers these days attracting attention for the work they’re doing charting a broad range of possible courses for hip-hop to take into the future, but there’s also a contingent doing good work that’s focused squarely on rap’s past accomplishments. At the front of that group (and of a crew called Pro Era) is the young Brooklynite Joey Bada$$, who has a firm but dextrous flow and a penchant for bucket hats that come straight out of the kind of early-90s East Coast boom bap that Gang Starr may have come closest to perfecting. So it makes sense to see him teaming up with Gang Starr sonic architect DJ Premier for a single on the Mountain Dew sponsored Green Label Sound. With Premier’s typically frosty production and Bada$$’s impressively grimy vocals, “Unorthodox” sounds like something straight out of 1990, which is all the more remarkable when you consider that that was five years before the rapper was born.

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