• Paul Slattery/Wikimedia Commons

Last night and tonight are the first two nights of Passover, and while I’d love to post a cover of “Dayenu” or something like that, my mind always zeroes in on Joy Division‘s “Passover” whenever I think of this holiday. Despite its title, “Passover” doesn’t really sound like the Jewish holiday of the same name—at least it doesn’t sound like a dozen people loudly singing off-key and in broken Hebrew, or like my mom complaining that no one is helping her serve food or clear the table fast enough. What it does sound like is Joy Division, with a musical shout-out to Public Image Ltd.’s Metal Box. If lead singer Ian Curtis was channeling Passover in any way, it’s in the part of Exodus in which God kills all the Egyptians’ first-born children. Kind of a dark part of Exodus to focus on, but then again Joy Division were never really known for their upbeat disposition. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is a song about Passover almost as goth as eating horseradish on slightly burnt matzo.