Between the gun-slinging bloodthirstiness of Chief Keef and his circle and the you-really-better-watch-that-throne ambition of Million Dollar Mano’s Treated Crew, local rapper Kami de Chukwu comes across like a breath of fresh air with his goofy sense of humor. His new mixtape, Light, features beats by Groundislava, Jonwayne, Nosaj Thing, and a bunch of other chill dudes who are heavily influenced by Flying Lotus and Los Angeles’s fantastic medicinal marijuana. It’s been an unprecedented year in great Chicago rap mixtapes, and Kami’s stands apart in a really interesting way. Right now much of my critical attention is focused on figuring out what the Andre 3000 guitar solo on the new Rick Ross record really means, but Kami de Chukwu has provided an excellent alternative to smothering multiplatinum success when I’ve needed it. Thanks, man.