On top of being a highly efficient pornography distribution system, the Internet is also a pop cultural remix machine that’s encouraged a phenomenal number of allegedly “normal” people to engage in the kind of obsessive fandom that used to be the turf of only the most diehard geeks. At this point a Tumblr trend mixing Grammy-nominated musicians and Downton Abbey characters is no surprise. And of course there’s not only a Twitter account of potential Seinfeld plots if the show were set today but a Weird Twitter parody of that Twitter account.

So when I was Internetting around doing research on the new Sasha Go Hard mixtape Round 3, I googled Katie Got Bandz’s “I Need a Hitta” for reference and ended up stumbling across this “blackened drillwave” remix of the song that juxtaposes Katie’s rap and the song’s drill beat with howling black metal guitars. I was stunned speechless for about three whole seconds. And then I realized that there was probably no way that someone somewhere wasn’t going to pair up an obscure DIY regional rap song with its direct sonic opposite, which happens to be the most hateful, deliberately cryptic musical subculture in pop history. Where did I think I was, 2008 or something?

On a related note, I’m still looking for anyone who’s interested in collaborating with me on the Smashing Pupkins, which is a Smashing Pumpkins cover band where everyone dresses like Rupert Pupkin from King of New York. In the meantime hit the jump to hear what blackened drillwave sounds like. It’s not for everyone (or anyone?) but I’ll give it credit for being the most legitimately strange thing I’ve heard in a minute.