Last week Chicago production duo the-Drum released their debut album Contact, which finds them largely abandoning the avant-R&B sound that first brought them attention in favor of a much more abstract, less structured approach that sounds like the score to a supercool 90s cyberpunk movie that I wish actually existed. You can stream the album here.

Fans of the pair’s old sound who don’t feel like accompanying them on eight-minute instrumental excursions needn’t despair, though—they’re still making poppier stuff for acts like JODY and the rapper Kit, who’s tapped them for beats before, and who recently posted to SoundCloud a track called “Profit Prophet” produced by the-Drum cofounder Jeremiah Chrome, uncharacteristically credited here as Jeremiah Meece. It’s a spacey conglomeration of reverb-soaked string patches, but with vocals that are catchy enough to deserve radio play. You can stream it after the jump.