• Danny Brown is Old.

Last week Danny Brown released today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Kush Coma,” on his Soundcloud. It’s a track off of his upcoming LP, Old, which drops in August, and it’s actually not the complete version of the song—the one on the album is set to feature an appearance from A$AP Rocky. The absence of Rocky doesn’t hurt this track in any way, though—Brown is the kind of rapper who can cram ten songs’ worth of personality into one track. The drugged-out, strained sythns and 808 handclaps of the Skywlkr-produced beat set the perfect base for Brown’s schizophrenic ramblings about marijuana and pill overuse. He shows his range on the song, from high-pitched, rapid-fire rhymes to guttural tones—and the nonstop mood swings border on sensory overload, which makes for an exciting listening experience.

You can stream “Kush Coma” after the jump.