Earlier this week I got an e-mail announcing a new record from a band called Laid Back, whose name I had a hard time placing until I opened it up and realized that they’re the Danish guys who released “White Horse” in 1983. It turns out that almost 20 years after “White Horse” they decided to revisit the jam session that gave rise to the song and finish the remaining material—which they’d left undone after their label rejected it as “too ‘different,'” in the band’s words—using modern gear and techniques. And though the “White Horse” sessions weren’t exactly at the top of the list of pop music’s greatest lost works—and though nothing on the upcoming EP Cosyland (out May 22 on Brother Music) seems destined to topple “White Horse” from the top of Laid Back’s CV—the results still bump nicely. Plus they’re the guys who made “White Horse”—they could commission neo-gabber remixes of an old practice tape recorded on a boom box and I’d still probably post it.