I’m a big fan of Bandcamp—it’s got a simple, clean, and inviting interface, which makes combing through its growing catalog a pleasure. True, it has its drawbacks, particularly when it comes to sifting through the site’s tags to try and discover new music, but that’s largely due just to the massive amount of new albums, EPs, and singles that get uploaded. Clicking through page after page of miniature album covers with very little information other than the artist name and album title can be a drag if you’re approaching the process blindly, and if you click on one too many duds it can turn you off of the process altogether. But occasionally you can dig up a winner—like today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “I Know,” by Little Lungs. There’s not much information out there about Little Lungs, a solo project from local singer-songwriter Leena Rhodes; that’s her lovely voice languidly floating along with the tune’s breezy melody, which is propped up by a galloping drum beat that kicks in after about a minute. Check out “I Know” below, and let it be your source of inspiration as you pan through Bandcamp looking for gold.