Every so often I’ll fall for a song because of a short, inexplicable moment that’s not written into the fabric of the tune—it could be a mistake or a genuine reaction to what’s going on that’s been caught on tape, and for one reason or another it stays in and catches my ear. In the case of “Block the Sun,” the opening tune from the recent self-titled debut EP by local punk band Harebrain, that unexpected moment happens at the end of the song when the sound of an aluminum can popping open rings out above a bit of fading guitar distortion. I’m not entirely sure what kind of drink is in the can, but given the ebulliently raucous and kinda sloppy anthemic punk tune that precedes the sound of someone cracking open a cold one, I imagine the person who reached for a drink did so out of a sudden urge to kick it. Harebrain plays its last show with drummer John Olds (of Mans) this Saturday at Township—to prepare for the show listen to “Block the Sun” below, it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track.