• Air Texture Volume III

Fans of erstwhile Chicagoan Jim O’Rourke might be wondering what the musician/songwriter/producer has been up to lately (aside from his frequent output of experimental recordings). One way to find out is this semirecent interview with Time Out Tokyo, in which he discusses moving to Japan, Led Zeppelin’s Presence, and his first song-based album in 12 years. Recently he opened a Bandcamp page virtually out of the blue and released a series of albums called Steamroom 1-8, each of which consists of one or two long ambient compositions. “Low Bow” is something separate—though it’s yet another new O’Rourke release—a contribution to Air Texture Volume III, the latest compilation from New York experimental label Air Texture. On this track, digital sounds squelch, buzz, and tap over spacious, melancholy, and occasionally lush melodies. It’s one of O’Rourke’s lovelier experimental works, and hopefully it heralds more excellent work from the former local in the near future. Check out today’s 12 O’Clock Track below the jump.