Look, there’s no way today isn’t going to be stressful. OK, maybe if a one-in-a-quadrillion quantum event causes Mitt Romney to blink out of existence, or if the electoral college decides to make like that Irish betting company and call the whole thing for Obama early. Otherwise watching election returns come in is going to be a long and grueling experience that will be too much for the meager supply of Xanax I have on hand.

If you’re already feeling the tension, I suggest you take a couple of minutes to watch the video for “Magnolia” by Philadelphia rapper Lushlife, which is handily embedded just below the jump. The warbling, fuzzily psychedelic beat is benzodiazepine chill, as is Lushlife’s laid-back delivery; the video, by Lamar + Nik, is a masterpiece of low-tech magic that’s distracting enough to take your mind off the fact that there’s a nonzero chance that this guy could be our next president.