In my 12 O’Clock Track pick last week I briefly mentioned the DJ, producer, and blogger Boima Tucker. Coincidentally, my pick this week comes from Matt Shadetek, whose similar interest in dance-music styles being produced outside of first-world club culture has led to a number of team-ups with Tucker, who’s contributed to Shadetek’s cultishly adored blog Dutty Artz. In March his Dutty Artz label will release The Empire Never Ended, which Shadetek claims will highlight his hip-hop roots, and which will feature guest turns by neoreggae artist Jahdan Blakkamoore and postmodern Internet superstar Riff Raff. Empire‘s lead single, “Madness,” sounds like a 90s trip-hop cut reincarnated as postrave synth-shoegazer psychedelia. Between that and the fact that I’m pretty sure the album title is a Philip K. Dick reference, making it a 12 O’Clock Track was a gimme. Hit the jump to check it out.