I’ve been singing the praises of Metz since I caught wind of them last year—and I really haven’t been too shy about it. Last time I checked in with these postpunk-influenced noise-rock dudes from the Great White North, they were shopping around a self-titled debut full-length recorded by Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh. Luckily, the think tank at Sub Pop took notice and signed the band, and the label will release the album October 9.

Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Headache,” is the album’s opener. Just a few hairs past two minutes in length, it’s a lesson in booming and expansive noise rock. The drumming is solid and powerful, the guitar playing is dissonant and blanketing (while still riff based and weird), and the bass sounds like a semi-trailer truck riding alongside you. It certainly leans a little on the early-90s Sub Pop catalog, but if you see that as a crutch, well, then you’re kind of an idiot.

Metz will open for Archers of Loaf on August 24 at Bottom Lounge.