Milwaukee MC Juiceboxxx turned me into a lifelong fan when I witnessed a particularly in-your-face performance of his back in 2008—at the beginning of the show he grabbed my head and shoved me toward the floor in an effort to propel himself into the air. Juiceboxxx approaches his rapping with a similarly freewheeling attitude, and his life-affirming party jams are simply exuberant. He performs at the Burlington tomorrow night with his backing band (aka the Thunder Zone Band), and to prepare for the show I’m spotlighting one of his tunes for today’s 12 O’Clock Track. “Filthy City” comes off Juiceboxxx’s fall EP, Front Seat of the Tacoma, and it sounds a little like what might’ve happened if Suicide’s Alan Vega and Martin Rev made a track inspired by ghetto house, 80s rap, and Bruce Springsteen. If you dig it be sure to check out Juiceboxxx’s show—and if you’re worried you’ll be too tired to go out ask the MC if you can buy a can of his Thunder Zone energy drink.