• Nunn Ones

The other night, my band played a basement show in Logan Square with the fairly new local duo Earring. It was my first time ever seeing the band, and after hearing how excellent they were, I felt silly for never catching them before. The band plays moody, supermelodic, shoegazey postpunk, filled out by front man Jason Balla’s lush, bi-amped guitar—in the end, the band ends up sounding way bigger than just a two-piece. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Mood Rings,” off the band’s Nunn Ones tape on Manic Static. It’s one of the album’s jumpier, poppier tracks, coming off kind of like a really catchy version of early New Order. Earring is the kind of band that’s jumping on a bunch of shows lately, and their set was one of the best I’ve seen this summer from a local act, so I’d recommend keeping your eyes and ears out for them.