• The cover of I Am Legion

Brooklyn-based blackened-thrash band Mutilation Rites dropped the EP I Am Legion (their first release, discounting demos and splits) on Tuesday, March 27, via Gilead Media. They’re also playing day two of the metal festival that Gilead is hosting in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the end of April—which also features Loss, Thou, Ash Borer, and Barghest, among many others.

The cover artwork is printed in silver ink on black (which you can’t see in the image to the left), and because the vinyl is single-sided, there’s an etching on the B side—both are by Rainbath Visual. I Am Legion consists of three demo tracks rerecorded with Mutilation Rites’ new, bigger lineup, and the sound is likewise bigger—and a lot uglier. This is definitely filthy city music.