A lot of the music I like has lots of bleeps and bloops and/or people shrieking demonically and/or sounds like someone figured out how to get a drum machine high on drugs. But on occasion I can get extremely down with gentle retro-psychedelic jams, especially if they come from MV & EE, a couple of extremely chill people who live in Vermont and whose records conjure up an idyllic vision that’s mostly post-hipster hippie commune with just a dash of L.L. Bean. (I feel like at least one of them could probably make you a pair of moccasins from scratch.)

Their latest LP, Space Homestead, came out yesterday on the Woodsist label, and like most of the pair’s work it sounds like the sort of thing properly listened to on the stereo of a biodiesel Volvo while driving through piney New England hill country and blowing on a joint of something high-powered and organically grown. You can sample “Sweet Sure Gone,” courtesy of the communelike blog/zine Ad Hoc, after the jump.