My favorite thing about the slight but steadily accumulating chatter surrounding New York rapper Mykki Blanco isn’t that Blanco happens to be a drag queen, but rather the fact that I read a decent amount about her before seeing it mentioned at all that she’s a drag queen. I don’t want to hold up any one person as a symbol of how rapidly hip-hop is evolving on a social level, but if a rapping drag queen hits the scene and people are more concerned with her skills than the way she dresses, I feel like we’re moving in the right direction. But for real, Blanco’s delivery is way more interesting than the fact that she wears miniskirts, and her clipped, staccato, and nonchalantly badass flow on “Wavvy” finishes the thought I had when I heard “I Am Your Leader” from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded—namely, “What if you could genetically fuse Cam’ron and Nicki Minaj?” Production on “Wavvy” comes courtesy of Chicago-born beat maker and longtime Reader favorite Brenmar. Check it out after the jump.