• Boris

I really love genre-bending Japanese metal trio Boris, and am overjoyed to be going to see them for the first time in years on Sunday night. Leading up to the show, I’ve been jumping back head-first into the band’s gigantic, beyond-diverse, 20-year catalog, and find my mind being blown over and over again with each record. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Naki Kyoku” off of 2003’s Akuma no Uta, an album that the band made when they were transitioning out of doom and into more soulful stoner rock. It’s in this vein that Boris can really show off their chops, each member a total shredder in their own right. This song is groovy and heavy, full of huge drum fills and over-the-top guitar wailing. Its excess borders on cheesy, but rips way too hard to ever get silly.