• Not sure which member of the band this is supposed to be.

Maybe you’ve checked out the bill for tonight’s Black Pus show at the Empty Bottle and thought to yourself, “Who the heck is Mounds?” The Bottle’s site identifies them only as “Michigan-based narrative synth-proggers,” and there’s no link to a website, Facebook page, or anything else.

Mounds turns out to be a difficult band to google, not least because of all the actual mounds in Michigan. (I also learned that the University of Minnesota marching band has used a formation called “The Mound of Sound.”) But with a little effort I found a Bandcamp page with what seem to be two demo songs. “Narrative synth prog” turns out to be pretty accurate—”New Bridge” sounds a little like some guys trying to soundtrack their D&D game, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

The track is after the jump. And while you’re here, have you read the Artist on Artist interview my buddy Seth Sher from Zath and Psychic Steel did with Brian Chippendale of Black Pus?