Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is brought to you by my giddy excitement. This Friday at Bottom Lounge, Detroit hardcore-punk innovators Negative Approach headline the opening night of the Rumble—a two-day hardcore fest organized by Shane Merrill of the Killer, now in its third year. After their brief but crucial original incarnation in the early 80s, Negative Approach “reunited” in 2006 to play Touch and Go’s 25th Anniversary Celebration (vocalist John Brannon and drummer Chris “Opie” Moore were the only old-school members, just as they are today). Since the reunion, the band has toured a very little bit and played intermittent fests (kind of like this one).

“Nothing” is quite probably Negative Approach’s most popular song, and I called it out in the preview I wrote for Soundboard this week. An oi-punk-influenced stomper, it makes perfectly clear just how disenchanted and pissed John Brannon was in the 80s. Lyrics don’t get much bleaker than “Life’s never fucking given nothing to me / It’s just stood by and watched me bleed,” and from what I’ve seen of recent live performances, Brannon still delivers his lines with the same agonized vitriol that he did when he was 19.

The Rumble’s Friday-night show also features sets by Coliseum, Murphy’s Law, Sweet Cobra, and Ensign, and Saturday’s 17 bands include 100 Demons, Death Threat, and Trapped Under Ice (hint: if you have to choose one of the two shows, definitely pick Friday).