• Noise

In June, loud-as-hell Japanese everything-metal band Boris will be releasing Noise, their 24th studio album. Over the course of the past 22 years, this heavyweight trio has experimented with—and mastered—numerous forms of metal, ranging from doom to thrash to glam. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Quicksilver,” a seven-minute banger from the forthcoming LP, and it sounds like the band is working with a sort of west-coast melodic hardcore for this one. It’s fast and heavy, incorporating elements of punk and thrash, but it’s still catchier than anything the band has done in the past. My favorite elements of Boris records still stand, though, such as the raw, almost unrehearsed nature of the recording—they come off sounding like a live band in a room powering through the kinks rather than a slick and produced studio project, and that’s always made them one of the most exciting bands around.

Boris is playing Bottom Lounge on Sun 8/10.