In 2010 the minimalist piano trio Dawn of Midi released their all-improvised debut album First (Accretions), operating a bit like Australia’s Necks. As I wrote of the music then, “[pianist Amino] Belyamani generally sticks to a tight range of notes in each piece, creating a dazzling variety of phrases from that limited vocabulary in a way that reminds me of Chris Abrahams of the Necks, except without Abrahams’s clear forward movement; rather than morphing from one shape to another, his oblique melodies emerge and dissolve like waves lapping at the shore. [Drummer Qasim] Naqvi and [bassist Aakaash] Israni keep up an exquisitely exploratory scrabbling that never veers into mayhem, and each member displays tightrope-walk sensitivity—they apparently developed some high-level intuition in those lightless rehearsals.” In August they’ll finally release a follow-up album called Dysnomia (Thirsty Ear) that finds them switching gears in methodology, while retaining much of the hypnotic sound. This time out every note is meticulously mapped out, with each stuttering groove drilling into the cerebellum like some kind of acoustic techno beat, while Israni and Belyamani play with staccatto lines like mathematicians. As you can hear on “Nix,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, however, it never sounds cold or clinical: instead it pulls you in, seductively and inexorably.