Do you have some time on your hands? I hope so, because today’s 12 O’Clock Track easily ranks as the longest one the Reader has ever offered up, clocking in at one hour, ten minutes, and 21 seconds. That’s only about a fourth of the total duration of a stunning new recording of November, a protominimalist masterpiece written by Dennis Johnson, a cohort of composers like La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Terry Jennings at UCLA in the late 50s. Young has cited the piece as an important influence on his magnum opus The Well-Tuned Piano, but until the Irritable Hedgehog label released a new version of the work meticulously and patiently performed by R. Andrew Lee the epic had never been commercially available—and it seems as though it had only been performed a couple of times. New York composer and critic (and onetime Reader contributor) Kyle Gann learned about the piece while writing about Young, who in 1992 gave him a cassette—of unknown provenance, but dated 1959—featuring 112 minutes of the Johnson work.