• Old

On Wednesday, Danny Brown released another preview track from his upcoming record Old, due out on 9/30, and, just like the other handful of songs that he’s been slowly sharing, it’s really great. It’s called “ODB,” and it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track. “ODB” is a perfect example of what makes Danny Brown the best rapper out there right now: rhymes that are both sophisticated and schizophrenic, one of the sharpest and most unique voices you’ll ever hear, and a trippy beat that mixes outer-space soul with drugged-out Detroit house music. As the title implies, the song is an homage of sorts to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, an MC whose idiosyncrasies are often compared to Brown’s. But “in the end,” Brown raps that he’s an old dirty bastard on his own: “I’m just a dirty old man with a pill in my mouth and my dick in my hand!” Keep it classy, Danny. After hearing this track, I’m more excited than ever for Old, probably the record I’ve anticipated most in 2013.

Danny Brown plays at 4 PM this Sunday at the North Coast Music Festival in Union Park.