• Leave Home

Every few years I wind up completely immersing myself in the Ramones’ discography. I’ve been doing it all this week, triggered by the news on Friday that founding drummer Tommy Ramone has passed away. That means all four original Ramones are now dead, which is a total bummer. Every time this happens to me, I’m reminded of how completely perfect the band is, creating incredibly melodic pop tunes at hyperspeed with the most minimal approach. No matter how many times I hear the Ramones, they never manage to get old—they actually get more and more exciting with each listen. So in honor of Tommy’s passing, today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Oh Oh I Love Her So” off of 1977’s Leave Home, the second LP from the punk-rock forefathers. It’s hard to say what my favorite Ramones song ever is, because they’re all so goddamn perfect, but this one is up there. Rest in peace, guys.