• Vape and Pillage

I’ve been a big supporter of Oozing Wound right from their beginnings early this year. Cacaw was one of my favorite Chicago bands ever, and though I was bummed at their unceremonious breakup in late 2011, I was beyond excited to see what would be next from the players involved. In about a month the world will be able to hear for itself, because Oozing Wound (whose lineup includes half of Cacaw) will put out their first release, a tape titled Vape and Pillage. It’s a high-quality recording, punishing and brutal—it’s mastered loud as fuck and the mix is razor sharp. Its four tracks of blistering thrash have more in common with Zath, another group that features singer-guitarist Zack Weil, than they do with the primitive, noisy dirge of Cacaw. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the first song from the tape, due on Rotted Tooth Recordings, the label run by drummer Kyle Reynolds. It’s a hard, solid, to-the-point thrasher. No psychedelic flourishes, no far-out instrumentation, no bullshit—just high-octane heavy metal. Listen after the jump.